Sunday, 8 March 2015

Julius Li performs at Piping Recital

Star of the evening, Julius Li from McNally Memorial Pipe Band  dazzled the audience with a few good tunes at the recently concluded Piping Recital supported  by PBAS on Saturday 7 March 2015.

Mr Wallace, President of the PBAS writes:

Hi All,
Last night I was priveleged to attend a piping recital by Julius Li.
Julius has just returned from a session, at the college in Glasgow, where he has been working on Piobaireachd and light music.

It was enlightening to see a better understanding of rhythm and technique that Julius has achieved over the past few months and his recital (80 minutes) was of a very high standard. Along with this was a confident and light hearted explanation of all the music he played for us.
On a slightly different note, I was so pleased to see one of our Singaporean musicians take on a venture like this. Julius made all the arrangements himself and attracted a passionate audience of around 30. I am hoping this might be the start of a Piping Society in Singapore and I'll give my best support to Julius in instigating this.
Congratulations Julius!
Alan Wallace, President PBAS

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