Tuesday 24 May 2022

Video Performance 2022

The video performance 2022 page on Facebook is ready:

Submissions must be received by Wednesday 31 August 2022
Please upload the video with the band name and only one video per band.
Should you need to re-submit the video, please let us know via email in advance.

Good luck, everyone!

Sunday 24 April 2022

Announcement from the Chairman regarding the 2022 Competitions

 Hi All,

On-going restrictions, in Singapore, have made it impossible for us to schedule a face to face contest again this year. As well; many bands are struggling to “restart” after two years of hibernation.

And so, we have decided to make this year’s event a performance only (un-judged) video event, in order to assist bands to get back into the groove. There will be no winners or places announced and all submissions will be viewable on our website. School bands will be provided with a certificate of participation for admin purposes.

Details of the video regulations/submissions are attached and the youtube videos should be uploaded to the PBAS website by 31 August 2022.

Membership – The bands who joined the Association this year have been refunded the membership fee, as we are unable to provide a championship contest. However their membership status is recorded, so the joining fee will not apply to them next year.

In 2023, a Joining fee (for non members) will be required upon application for membership and upon approval a membership fee will apply.

Automatic Membership 2022 – By submitting a video for Da Capo 2022, the Association will grant automatic membership (with no fees required), which will avoid a Joining fee and application for membership in 2023.

I hope this new initiative will assist all bands with a worthwhile objective.

Regards,                                                                                                                                                                        Alan Wallace, President PBAS

Sunday 2 January 2022

Commencement of Registration for the 2022 Competitions

Hello, everyone!
Registration for the 2022 Competitions has commenced. If you are interested in competing and have not received the information, please let us know.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

15th SSEA Pipe Band Championships scheduled

Hello, everyone! Finally bright news from our President.

Hi All,
With some reservation, I anticipate the easing of restrictions in Singapore and indeed across Asia, will allow us to hold a gathering again in June 2022. Singapore has travel lanes open, with many countries, already and more will soon be accepted.
The Pipe Band scene, in all of Asia, has been decimated by the lockdowns and for most of us there has been nowhere for us to blow our pipes, or tap our drums for the past 22 months. The schools have been restricted to zoom lessons on practice instruments only.
So, it is back to the beginning again; hence the title of our intended contest on 11/12 June 2022.
Please find a preliminary document, with regulations, for a MINI Band contest, which has slightly altered conditions, intended to assist the struggling bands get back onto the field. It should be noted that we will only accept entries from bands registered with a recognised PBA and to this end, we will send out applications for membership of PBAS in the next couple of weeks. Obviously, for bands already registered (with Aus, NZ, Scottish etc PBAs) this will be irrelevant.
Alan Wallace, President PBAS

Thursday 31 December 2020

Announcement from the Chairman

Dear All,

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

The Executive Committee and Music Board Members have spent many hours, hatching a plan, for revival in 2021. This is very difficult, given that regulations and restrictions can change overnight and travel is still looking very bleak for June.
Our foremost objective is to assist the Juvenile Bands, during their reconstruction. In Singapore, some year groups have missed an entire year’s lessons and all bands will be suffering from a lack of senior players (and disproportionate sections) during the next year or so.

We have decided to conduct an “online” championship this year – only accessible to regional bands. This, of course, means Aus bands will not be participating, however, they would not if it were a face to face contest, due to travel restrictions.
In order to accomplish a “rebuild”, we will vary the rules to facilitate bands who may be short of numbers etc, but adjudication will follow normal protocol and will be spread across the entire Music Board members. A full set of rules for ( 2021 ONLY) will be published, along with the entry form, in early January. Rules for solo contest will not alter. Martin (Registrar) will be sending out membership renewals in the next few weeks
As soon after the contest, as is practicable, we will hold a seminar, where bands can discuss their performances with the Music Board.
Proposed format:

To assist bands with numerical limitations and in case the 8 person gathering is still in effect.

JUVENILE Minimum sectional numbers, with no maximum – 4 Pipers, 2 Snare, 1 Bass (plus tenors optional)
8 parts March (any time Signature) 3 minute Medley (which can include non traditional components; eg drum fanfare)

GRADE 4 Minimum sectional numbers, with no maximum – 4 Pipers, 2 Snare, 1 Bass (plus tenors optional)
MSR 4x2x2 Medley 3-5 minutes (which can include non traditional components; eg drum fanfare)

GRADE 3 Minimum sectional numbers, with no maximum – 6 Pipers, 3 Snare, 1 Bass, 1 Tenor
MSR 4x4x4 Medley 4-6 minutes (traditional contest medley)

Until the full entry form is published;
Regards, Alan W

Friday 27 March 2020

the 2020 SSEA Pipe Band Championships to be cancelled

From the President:

It is now obvious that, despite our best hopes, the Championships need to be cancelled.


Directions (in all our region) are that gatherings must cease and school bands cannot hold rehearsals.


So, we will cancel the proposed video contest and look towards doing something different, later in the year.


Thanks to everyone for your co-operation.


Alan W