Friday, 6 April 2012

Pipe Band Association Spring School Workshop 2012

One for the album: Participants and instructors of Spring School Workshop 2012

The Pipe Band Association (Singapore) organised a week-long Spring School workshop in Piping and Drumming for 5 members of the Ramsay Pipe Band from Japan headed by Ms Lindsay Kawai and soloist Ms Shelly Gautama from Jakarta.

Thanks to all the instructors and participants involved for making the workshop a success!

Drummer Daryl accompanies James and Maud from Ramsay Pipe Band, Japan
Tenor drummers coordinating their flourishes while the band strikes up a tune
Ms Nami Masuko (McNally Memorial Pipe Band) demonstrating tenor drumming flourishes

Pipe Major Irfan (SJI Pipe Band) instructs Anna (Ramsay Pipe Band, Japan)

Tutorials conducted by Mr Wallace
Ms Shelly Gautama (in foreground) joins in with the combined band

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